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About Us

AK Interiors

AK Interiors provides you one of the best POP False Ceiling, Grid False Ceiling, Wall Partition Service, Painting Services in Bangalore. A POP ceiling is made from Plaster of Paris powder. Plaster of Paris is called so because it was made from gypsum found near Paris. The POP is simply a quick-setting gypsum plaster. It is made by heating gypsum to the point where all its water content evaporates to leave behind a powdered substance.
When you plan on painting your home walls, you begin the process by looking for someone reliable and professional, someone who can be trusted with their painting work and skills. However, if you’re wondering how to find a good painter, there are many factors to consider to help you make a worthy decision for the success of your home improvement project. In this blog, we highlight some key differences between a professional painting service and a local painter so you can make a more informed decision.